The Nuotatrice, a young woman, an ageless maiden swims in her solitude, in this environment which has lost all trace of negativity and does not resemble a dark abyss anymore, but a serene and bright shelter, a solace away from chaos, away from noise, where the apparently calm sea leads us to an actual geographical area, the Pontine coast, where the artist has been living and working for some years.

Francesco Canini having returned to the classical instruments of drawing and painting, depicts a protected and quiet area, where bodies and water merge and blend becoming the same matter. Many influences and patterns can be seen in his works; the early Renaissance, Giorgione and Tiziano, the metaphysical Carlo Carrà, and Magical Realism.

                                                                                                                         Claudio Gianvincenzi for TRIBENET (25 September 2006)